Power Design

Building power distribution design plays an integral role in the overall operations and efficiency of your facilities. The electrical engineers at LKPB Engineers, an IMEG Company are experienced in designing state-of-the-art, effective power distribution systems that offer high performance and low maintenance.

Our building power distribution system engineering services are comprehensive, and designed to match you with the right solution.

  • Building Electrical Systems Assessment. Over time, a facility’s electrical needs often change substantially. An aging electrical system can quickly become unreliable and unable to meet the demands of new technologies. When electrical systems repair costs become a challenge, or there are concerns about safety or efficiency, it may be time for a building electrical systems assessment.

  • Safe, Efficient Operation. Our thorough analysis of your building’s electrical systems will determine whether your current electrical systems are operating correctly, safely, and efficiently, and able to meet your needs and goals.

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis. With an in-depth understanding of your current system’s efficiency, reliability, safety, and energy costs, you can make informed decisions about maintenance or replacement plans for your electrical systems.

  • Power Distribution Systems. Your building’s power distribution system must be designed to meet the needs of its electrical load. Our team of experienced electrical engineers will help ensure that the electrical service to each of your facilities is able to meet user demand. We provide diagrams, schedules, load flow analysis, and specifications for virtually any type of project.

  • Conditioned Power Distribution Systems. Conditioned power distribution systems are specially designed to protect sensitive electrical devices from electrical damage caused by spikes and surges. We design conditioned power distribution systems that help your computer and other electronic equipment run safely and reliably.

  • UPS System Design. UPS, or uninterruptible power supply, systems provide temporary backup power in the event of a brief power outage, making them an ideal solution for critical components such as data centers.

  • Emergency Power, Peak Shaving, and Cogeneration Systems Design. We design reliable, capable emergency power systems that provide the monitoring and control you need. Our cogeneration systems design offers redundant power supply that assures dependability.

  • Site Utilities. Our electrical design and consulting services provide you with the ability to design new electrical power distribution systems, or upgrade existing ones. We have extensive design and operational experience working with electric utilities. From initial design to implementation, LKPB Engineers, an IMEG Company has your site utility needs covered.

  • Fault and Coordination Studies. Coordination studies are used to determine whether true electronic equipment protection has been achieved within a system. Coordination studies are often conducted in conjunction with short circuit studies, which evaluates the condition of the short-circuit currents within the system.

  • Data Systems Design. Data systems play a crucial role in daily operations. To meet user demands, systems should be reliable, easy to maintain, and easy to scale based on changing needs. Our team has the knowledge and experience to find the right data system design solutions for any application.

  • Lightning Protection. Thunderstorms are a common occurrence, especially in the Midwest. During a thunderstorm, your building is at risk due to high winds and lightning strikes. Lightning protection systems should be designed to protect both people and property. We examine a variety of key factors such as location, occupancy, and other considerations to develop a lightning protection system for your needs.

LKPB Engineers, an IMEG Company will provide you with the power and functionality you need, and the efficiency you want, with our tailored building power distribution system design services.

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