Sustainability is now a mainstream initiative in the commercial real estate industry.




Because there is long-term value in creating more sustainable buildings. You lower operating costs and add value to the property. Not only do sustainable building practices help the environment and operating costs, but green offices also boost productivity and performance, enhance worker satisfaction, and reduce sick leave and absenteeism.


Below, we look at energy solutions for commercial building designs. If you need more information about how you can make your commercial property more energy efficient, contact LKPB Engineers today.

1. Solar Energy

The need for solar energy is imminent as conventional power resources become more expensive with each passing year. LKPB Engineers provide solar energy solutions for all industrial and commercial buildings regardless of their size or energy usage. Once we custom fit a solar system for your building, you will instantly notice that clean, reliable, cost-efficient solar energy is the best solution for your building.

2. Wind Energy

We develop wind energy projects that are both sustainable and dependable no matter what season it is in East Central Minnesota. There are several advantages to utilizing wind power in this part of the country. First, the wind is a dependable energy source. You can count on steady wind streams annually. Second, wind energy uses zero greenhouse gas emissions. Third, it is one of the most cost-effective forms of energy for commercial properties.

3. Energy Modeling

We develop energy-saving scenarios based on already-existing buildings in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area and compare/apply them to your upcoming building project. The purpose is to demonstrate how different building models save you money on energy costs. We design a simulation building and then go over every detail of where you can cut expenses smartly and sustainably.

4. Energy Retrofit

Multiple systems work side-by-side daily to keep operations flowing smoothly in your business. In almost every case we can retrofit and upgrade significant components in all of these systems. In some cases, we can replace the entire system. From motors and lighting to HVAC and other energy-based systems, we can modernize your current building with the proper retrofit.

5. Building Audits

If you’ve never given your building an energy audit, you could be wasting thousands of dollars every year on utility costs. The money you’re spending consists of monthly bills, maintenance and upkeep, and outdated equipment. We can inspect every aspect of your building to determine where you can save money and reallocate it to other areas of your business.

LKPB is Your Solution for Saving Energy

Make 2018 your best year yet with LKPB. We are committed to making every system in your facility run more efficiently with smart solutions that help you save money. We will analyze all of your systems to help you determine what upgrades you need.


To schedule an initial evaluation, contact us at 612-540-5000, or you can message us on our contact page. We provide mechanical services, electrical services, and specialty services for business owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Save money with LKPB Engineers.