Life is all about balance. Most of the time work is getting balanced with most other things in life. One thing LKPB Engineers is encouraging at the office is the balance of a healthy lifestyle.

The office includes many amenities to help achieve less sedentary time, and makes healthy eating more attainable.


In our building, we have access to a workout room with cardio machines, a stretching area and free weights. Many employees get in some active time before work or over their lunch break. Our suite is adjacent to the staircase and many employees will opt to take the stairs when they’re coming and going each day, as opposed to the elevator. On days it’s not nice enough out to take advantage of the ample sidewalks surrounding our location, some will walk the stairs to get some extra steps in at break times.


There are many places in the area that are walkable, including many restaurants, the convenience store, local post office and an indoor mall. Those who don’t wish to eat at one of the local restaurants (to save money and likely calories) can bring their lunch to eat in the large, day-lit break room and fill their reusable water bottle in the large filtered water cooler provided.


There are many things done by LKPB to help making healthy choices for employees a little easier. Sometimes people need a little extra push, however. Earlier this year, after much encouragement to be more active during the day and bring a healthy lunch from home, a weight loss challenge was hosted with prize incentives!


Beginning in January, about a dozen employees signed up for a 12-week challenge to make healthy choices to lose weight! They bought in, set goals, and winners were chosen based on the percentage of body weight lost for an individual. Some made it to their goal weight early and coasted to the finish, some didn’t make the 50% of their loss goal and had to put in extra cash as a penalty, and others blew their expectations out of the water and lost more than they had anticipated! The winner was Mike Westemeier, Vice President, who lost the highest percentage and was awarded a gift card along with the second and third place participants!


The company has grown in size since the beginning of the year when the challenge started and there’s a lot more people to get involved in healthy initiatives! Setting goals and having prizes helped get people motivated so we plan to do a Summer Step Challenge and an additional Weight Loss Challenge before the end of the year to encourage those healthy choices for all of our employees! A lot of team members currently have watches or phone apps that count steps. Some of them have settings to let the wearer know when it’s time to get up and get moving because they’re been inactive for too long. Of course, in the land of high-tech engineering, some of our gadgets are going to be high-tech too.


Along with implementing healthcare discount incentives, we’re going to continue to encourage what works best for people to help them find that balance and try to give them the tools and amenities to make healthy choices. Healthy attributes to happy and a company with happy employees will thrive!