In today’s facilities management and contracting world, the relationship between efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental footprint cannot be overstated. Engineers play important roles in helping their buildings maintain cost-effectiveness while meeting green initiatives.


Whether you are designing a commercial building or updating an existing facility, our LEED engineers offer solutions. LKPB in Minnesota shares these fpur ways to conserve your building’s energy.


1. Check Your Energy Ratings

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) site is the home of Energy Star, a voluntary program that encourages energy efficiency and offers solutions for your facility to save money and energy.


The site offers a wealth of information to help you determine the effectiveness of your organization’s energy-saving initiatives. Energy Star includes energy performance ratings on a wide range of products, and it also offers organizations the opportunity to assess their own energy ratings. Creating an Energy Star account allows you access to Portfolio Manager, a resource designed to help commercial facilities assess:


●        Energy consumption

●        Greenhouse gas emissions

●        Water consumption

●        And more


2. Conduct an Energy Audit

LKPB engineers offer renewable energy consulting. We conduct energy audits and assess your building’s current operational practices. A building audit offers a complete evaluation of your organization’s systems to determine how you can improve efficiency, help you optimize the comfort and safety of your occupants, and identify systems that need replacing or repairing.


We evaluate your facility for:


●        Lighting energy

●        Electric motor energy

●        Utility rebate analysis

●        Daylight harvesting


3. Implement Green Initiatives

We offer solutions including lighting and motor retrofits to help your organization implement energy-saving initiatives based on our recommendations. Our experts can also assist you at any stage in your renewable energy project. Solar energy is a cost-effective and reliable solution. Likewise, wind energy is clean, affordable, and abundant.


4. Building Energy Modeling Services

After completing those three steps and assessing your energy consumption, our LEED experts can use energy modeling services to help you determine how to best move forward. Energy modeling offers a virtual simulation of any energy-saving initiatives you are considering.


This tool allows you to assess your organization’s use of water, HVAC, and lighting to examine the cost-effectiveness and reduced environmental footprint of an approach. Whether you’re in the early planning stage of a project or considering updates and improvements, energy modeling is a sound solution for your organization.


Mechanical Engineering Professionals in Minnesota

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