Commercial solar energy has reached unprecedented heights over the last decade. Although there are still some concerns with homeowners (namely cost), there is no question anymore that solar panels and other components are a strategic choice for business owners. Many Minneapolis and St. Paul companies have already made the switch. LKPB engineers have served many of these businesses. We have helped them find sustainable energy solutions while saving them thousands of dollars in utility costs. Below are reasons you should join these other companies in embracing solar energy for your business.


1. You’re Spending Too Much Money on Electricity

Face it: your energy bills are not likely to go down. The continuing cost of electrical power has skyrocketed over the last decade. The whole point of solar energy is that it drastically reduces your electric bills and practically gets you off the grid. Solar energy is a long-term investment that yields better-than-expected results while putting more money back in your pocket.


2. Your Building is Better for It

The focus of our LKPB Engineers is to add value to your property without you spending thousands (or millions) of dollars to achieve that objective. This is why solar energy is a good idea. Since solar panels are made from sustainable materials and no moving parts, they’ll keep working long after we’ve installed them. Durable solar products will add exponential market value to your building.


3. Tax Credits

According to the Department of Energy, business owners can receive multiple tax credits for integrating sustainable energy products into their building’s structure. Eligible solar energy property includes equipment that uses solar energy to generate electricity or to heat and cool a structure. Hybrid solar lighting systems are also eligible. These tax credits went into effect as of 2015.


4. Clean Renewable Energy

Solar power is an infinite resource that allows you to generate your own energy independently. You’ll never have to worry about your carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emissions, or nuclear waste ever again. You can provide a healthy environment for your employees, clients, and customers who enter your building every day. You get to take part in nurturing the planet instead of hurting it.


Now is the Time for Solar Energy From LKPB Engineers

Solar energy reduces your utility costs, improves your property value, gives you business tax credits, and allows you to foster a clean environment in the workplace. LKPB Engineers are committed to helping you find solar energy solutions that work for your company. We can assess your current situation and then make recommendations on ways you can power your building using solar equipment. To schedule a consultation, contact us at 612-540-5000, or you can message us on our contact page.