The purpose of water flow analysis for us to determine what adjustments we need to make to your plumbing system so that the water will flow more efficiently. Several factors determine how quickly the water moves in and out of your building. We will explore these factors and discuss how an assessment can improve your plumbing system. If you need a plumbing inspection, contact us today.


The Plumbing Design

Your plumbing system's original design plays a role in how efficiently the water flows. For instance, if the building floor plan does not allow the pipeline to travel in straight paths, the water has to twist and turn to reach its destination. Thus, more pressure has to occur to keep the water moving. We look at your design and try to find areas where we can reroute the network.


Pressure From the Source

The water pressure in your building may not be ideal for a more substantial facility. On the other hand, there may be too much pressure. In either case, a flow analysis will reveal how much water pressure is inside the plumbing and how much, if any, the building requires. If the force needs to be increased, we can renovate the system to improve the flow.


Plumbing Remodeling 

Flow analysis and design modeling allow us to determine if new or existing piping systems have any current issues. Through flow analysis, we can pinpoint the best possible solution for any problems, as well as identify opportunities to conserve energy, increase system uptime, and minimize system losses. It’s a useful tool if you want to renovate your plumbing by expanding the network or upgrading to new components.


Water Contamination and Backflow

You may not know it, but the water in your building could be dirty. Contamination occurs when the water is not flowing at a healthy rate or if there is a backflow. If your plumbing system was built well, backflow should not be possible. If you’ve recently noticed that there is a backflow problem in the building, you should contact us immediately, as it could be a health hazard.


Plumbing Solution from LKPB Engineers

You should be as concerned with your plumbing efficiency as you are with efficiency in any other system in your building. Therefore, if you’d like to learn how to improve water use and how to save money on water consumption and repairs, contact LKPB Engineers. We provide a wide range of plumbing design services including complete retrofitting and remodeling. Our services extend to all business owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. To schedule a consultation, contact us today at 612-540-5000.