Quality plumbing systems and materials can ensure more efficient and sustainable water use, for a more environmentally friendly facility. LKPB Engineers design your system so that there is adequate pressures, efficient water flow, viable pipes and zero backflows. Our plumbing design service is adaptable for any commercial property large or small. Here are just a few of the design elements we can integrate into a sustainable plumbing system.


1. Pressure

Adequate pressure is vital to keep water flowing through the building efficiently. If the water pressure is too low, the water flow will suffer. If the water pressure is too high, you could waste water with excessive use. LKPB Engineers can design the water system so that the pressure is set to meet your exact needs.


2. System Layout

The plumbing system out is governed by the building’s floor plan. Therefore we have to determine where water heating systems, pipelines, fixtures, and other components will go determined by where these corresponding rooms are in the architectural design. We also have to consider Minneapolis commercial building codes and noise levels in plumbing placement.


3. Pipe Materials

We carefully review which materials we will use when engineering the plumbing system. Factors include climate conditions, the amount of water pressure utilized, water, air, or fuel flow rates, and internal environmental conditions. We also offer a wide range of sustainable plumbing solutions that are environmentally-friendly and require less maintenance and repairs.


4. Flow Rate

Minneapolis and St. Paul building codes require that all plumbing fixtures allow for adequate flow rate throughout the structure. A healthy flow rate will ensure potable water for all applications. Regulating the flow of water will improve efficiency and reduce water waste. We can control the flow rate by creating simpler plumbing designs and adding components where necessary.


5. Backflow Prevention

One of the most significant challenges to networking a plumbing system is preventing water from reversing its direction and coming back up into the pipes. Water backflow can cause contamination and pipe corrosion throughout the building. Therefore, we lay out a pipeline complete with components that will prevent the water from backflowing.


Professional Plumbing Design in Minneapolis

Efficient and sustainable plumb systems will save you money on water consumption and repairs. LKPB specialize in mechanical engineering and plumbing design. Our LEED engineer team can custom install a plumbing network to meet your building’s specifications. We provide brand new installation and renovation services for business owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. To schedule a consultation, contact us at 612-540-5000, or you can message us on our contact page.