Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) to evaluate the environmental performance of a building. The system was devised to foster a market shift toward sustainable building design. As an LEED certified company, LKPB Engineers emphasize using LEED-approved methods for making your building more energy-efficient. There are substantial benefits and rewards to becoming LEED compliant including saving money on energy costs, building repairs, and property maintenance over an extended period.


Who is Eligible for the LEED Program?

Almost any type of commercial construction project is eligible for the LEED program. As it stands if you are currently involved in the following types of construction, you can apply:


●        New construction and major renovations

●        Commercial interiors

●        Educational facilities

●        Retail and local business

●        Healthcare and medical facilities

●        Industrial development


Why You Should Be Interested in LEED

Although LEED is a voluntary program, it improves your business’ credibility and image in the community. Our LEED-Certified engineers can also show you multiple ways in which you can save money over the life of your structure. You’ll benefit from improved indoor air quality, pass building energy audits, discover solutions for renewable energy, and take advantage of increased daylight inside your building. Numerous studies have confirmed that employee productivity and retention vastly improve in healthier work environments.


You’re in Good Company with LEED

If you’re wondering whether or not the LEED program works, then consider some of the following entities that are currently enrolled in the LEED program for their facilities.


●        The Federal Government

●        General Services Administration

●        Environmental Protection Agency

●        Public buildings around Minneapolis and St. Paul

●        Public primary and secondary schools, as well as universities

●        Athletic facilities

●        Local highrises and private businesses

●        U.S. Military facilities


Our Commitment to the Environment

LKPB Engineers diligently search for smart ways to make your building safer, eco-friendly, and sustainable. With growing concern for our planet, we are committed to finding ways to help you reduce energy costs while creating a healthier environment for your employs. We focus on HVAC system design, plumbing design, mechanical engineering, and electrical design. We utilize a wide array of tools and resources to help you build a ‘smarter’ building. We provide building energy modeling services to save time during the construction process. In the end, you benefit from our hard work and expertise.


Modernize Your Building with LKPB Engineers

Let’s face it, conventional construction is no longer sufficient in many instances. Building designers and engineers are utilizing new approaches to building commercial structures. LKPB Engineers are on the cutting edge of this technology, and we can help you with your next construction or renovation projects. To get started, contact us at 612-540-5000, or you can message us on our contact page. We provide industry-leading services for property owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.