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Renewable Energy Projects

With buildings consuming up to 70 percent of all electricity and 39 percent of all primary energy in the United States (DOE statistics), the use of renewable energy technologies is becoming almost commonplace. Clients trust LKPB to assess their energy usage, help delineate their project intent, and design the best single or multi-technology renewable energy system to realistically fit their needs, goals and budget. Whether your target is a "net zero energy" building or a 10 percent carbon footprint reduction, we'll help you achieve it.

Camden State Park Office / Information Building

Silverwood Park Visitor Center Three Rivers Park District

Oswald Visitor's Center Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Carleton College Cassat and Memorial Halls

Gustavus Adolphus College Beck Academic Hall

Middlebury College Sustainable Design

Berkshire School Jackman L. Stewart Athletic Center

Middlebury College Davis Family Library

Renewable Energy Project
Renewable Energy

All Renewable Energy projects in this section are identified with the LKPB Renewable Energy "green leaf" logo.

What is a Renewable Energy Project?

A project is considered a renewable energy project when the design incorporates a renewable energy resource such as the sun, wind or geothermal heat, all resources that are naturally regenerated over a short time scale.

LKPB has become an industry leader in the design and installation of these solutions. For more information about integrating geothermal, wind or solar into a building project, please contact LKPB.

Geothermal Heat Pump installed at Three Rivers Park District in Minnesota
Geothermal Heat Pump installed at Silverwood Park Visitor's Center