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Since the 1980s, LKPB has provided engineering design services for eleven projects at the Como Zoo, including the Large Cat House and Seal Island. Improvements to the gorilla exhibit are currently in design.

Como Zoo
Polar Bear Odyssey
Saint Paul, Minnesota

The Como Zoo opened its new $15 million Polar Bear Odyssey in June 2010. The exhibit features a 13,140 square foot outdoor living space for the bears and a 3,260 square foot state-of-the-art building containing indoor bedrooms, a cub den, daylighting and pools. The new exhibit is seven times larger than the previous exhibit, and it offers extensive underwater and above-ground views of the two polar bears, Neil and Buzz.

The climate-controlled "Outpost" main exhibit building consists of a 1500 SF viewing area where the bears can be observed from either inside the building or swimming underwater. To replicate the bears' natural habitat, two salt water pools with various depths are available. There are two separate habitat areas for the bears divided by a middle corridor. The purpose of this is to separate the two habitats when a family of bears is living there. The male bear must be separated from the female bear and cubs.

Polar Bear Odyssey also features a 1300 SF log-cabin style lodge complete with great room, fireplace and kitchen facilities for group meetings or special events. A nearby concession building offers exhibit-related stuffed animals, tee shirts and similar mementos.

The project includes a 2500 SF life support building that generates, circulates, filters and cools the water for the two salt water pools on either side of the main building. LKPB provided complete mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems design for all the exhibit buildings, illuminated walkways and outdoor living spaces.