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Recreation Projects

Many of our friends and families use the recreational buildings we helped design. We hear what they like and don't like. That's just one reason why we take special initiative to stay abreast of the latest issues facing these facilities. With community and wellness centers, gymnasiums, pools and parks, ice arenas and aquatic centers, top concerns include comfort, reliability, flexibility, safety and, of course, fun! By taking extra care with our designs, we can ensure that visitors will have a pleasant, memorable stay for their sports, leisure activities, and community gatherings.

Berkshire School Jackman L. Stewart Athletic Center

Camden State Park Office / Information Building

Silverwood Park Visitor Center Three Rivers Park District

Como Zoo Polar Bear Odyssey

Wayzata Country Club

Como Zoo Gorilla Forest

Como Zoo
Gorilla Forest
Saint Paul, Minnesota

The $11 million Gorilla Forest opened in June 2013. The restructured exhibit, which is the largest mesh gorilla enclosure in North America, is three times the size of the original and has been raised above ground level as a preference to the gorillas, as well as a better view for patrons. The redesign features 13,000 SF of landscaped outdoor space in addition to an enhanced and expanded indoor exhibit and secluded facilities.