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LKPB has completed over 30 state-wide projects for the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Along with the 11 new/remodeled rest stops, we have designed HVAC upgrades, ventilation improvements, chemical storage locations, maintenance facilities, building additions, office and conference room remodels, and ADA upgrades.

Minnesota Department of Transportation
Frazee Rest Area
Frazee, Minnesota

LKPB's partnership with the Minnesota Department of Transportation has spanned almost two decades. We have designed 11 highway rest areas, including the Frazee Rest Area located along Highway 10 near Frazee, Minnesota. Along with lobby and restrooms, the Frazee location includes Highway Patrol and Greenview offices.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation operates over 50 full-service rest areas similar to the Frazee location. Typical full-service rest area amenities include vending machines, drinking fountains, picnic tables, well-lit parking areas, and travel and interpretive information. Over 20 million travelers stop at Minnesota highway rest areas annually.