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Government Projects

Whether your project is a city hall, library, park, state building, correctional facility, fire station, community center or military installation, LKPB understands the importance of designing sustainable, secure, budget-conscious, maintenance-wise systems that reflect a sense of smart planning and public responsibility. With public projects, our ability to work with government processes and identify with constituent values helps us create buildings that are recognized as sound investments by both their end-users and taxpayers.

Minnesota Army National Guard Army Aviation Support Facility

Minnesota Department of Transportation Frazee Rest Area

City of Hopkins Fire/Police/Public Works Improvements

West 7th Street Fire Station & Headquarters
in Saint Paul, MN

Minnesota State Capitol

City of Saint Paul
West 7th Street Fire Station and Headquarters
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Extensive use of daylighting in both the fire station and headquarters helps save on energy costs in this 58,000 SF facility. With a green roof, low-flow lavatory fixtures, lighting occupancy sensors and rainwater reclamation, Saint Paul's newest fire station presents a high level of efficiency and sustainability.